Schaumburg Vein Doctors For Varicose and Spider Veins

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Schaumburg Vein Doctors  For Varicose and Spider Veins

With the current highly mechanized world, a myriad of diseases have affected man. Most of these ailments are largely as a result of the worsening living styles, lack of or inadequacy of physical body exercises. Included in this category of the emergent illnesses are those that affect the veins, particularly varicose vein and the spider veins. When such complications strike, it’s the high time you consult a specialist and Schaumburg Doctors will surely have you sorted.

Varicose veins and treatment approach

Having assured you that adequate assistance is available; you would naturally want to know the process followed by the doctors to have your problem solved. Varicose veins is a complication that usually affects the veins running through the leg muscles as a result of strained vein valves failure. When the valves fail, blood flows in the opposite direction, a phenomenon known as reflux. The valves may fail if they are few serving the veins, if there is extensive pressure on the superficial veins, obesity or excessive weight, malformed veins, thinly walled veins or if the patient stands for far too long.  This results to swollen veins and legs by extension, largely affecting the shape of your legs. Affected people find it uncomfortable to wear short clothes such as skirts and shorts so as not to reveal their situation.

This should however not persistently bother anyone as doctors in Schaumburg IL are well equipped and knowledgeable to tackle the problem. After carefully reviewing the symptoms and patient’s treatment history, the doctors will determine the best action; either an operation in case the situation is severe or thermal ablation, sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, or compression therapy for mild complications. Schaumburg Doctors are experts with a proven track record in dealing with such problems.

Spider Veins- what is the appropriate treatment?

A close cousin of the varicose vein, spider veins also affect the superficial veins of the body organs. They usually occur as purplish sunbursts on the face or legs. It’s a rather cosmetic offender and as such requires proper attention to deal with and or eliminate. In many reported cases, spider veins occur alongside varicose veins problems with some patients complaining of itches around the areas where they occur. Once you suspect that you may be having the problem, it is time for Immediate Care in Schaumburg. The doctors will immediately conduct Ultrasound tests to ‘map’ your veins and determine the severity of the condition. Once the problem is properly diagnosed, sclerotherapy, a quick treatment that is usually done without an aesthetic, is performed. In it, a chemical solution to block is injected into the vein thus killing the problem. Another new kind of treatment to this problem is the ohmic thermolysis, where heat energy is focused on the affected vein through a needle. In a period of five weeks, the whole problem disappears completely.

Spider Vein Sclerotherapy treatment in progress. Video Courtesy of YouTube.

With your vein diseases dealt with, perhaps you could opt to visit the Weight Loss Doctors Schaumburg as your problem may as well have been caused by excessive weight as aforementioned. A check is the only way to be sure of your health situation.

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